Ocean was founded in 2011 and it's considered an extension of Elhelely Shipping co. which was established at Damietta Port In 1995 as the first company for marine supplies and services at the port. Also, we've expanded to cover all Egyptian Ports and Suez Canal Area.

Ship Supply

We provide a wide range of supplies and parts with new or Standard used spare parts, reconditioned spare parts, Marine personal safety & rescue equipments (life rafts, lifeboats & related equipments rescue boats), Lifebuoys, lifejackets, immersion suits, breathing apparatus and fire extinguishers (foam, dry chemicals, CO2 & inergen). We also supply Fuel oil, Lub oil & fresh water offering the best available effective Rates. Furthermore, our tax-free warehouses contain thousands of items to meet urgent demands.

Ship Services

We provide ship repair and services such as maintenance, welding, rigging, pipe repairs/renewals, winch repairs, anchor/chain replacements, mechanical repairs, crane repair, safety system inspections, electric motor rewinding, underwater inspection & repairing. We also follow the environmental aspects of Disposal all kind of waste from ship to recycle or treatment station, liquid waste (sludge,bilge,slops) and solid waste ( garbage ,drums). In addition, we also provide provide Cargo hold servicesas we have special labors to chipping, clean, and paint cargo holds to be ready for loading..

Owner Matters

Our shipping agency offers a wide range of shipping and logistic services. The company is involved in chartering, port agency, liner agency, Suez Canal transit agency and freight forwarding. We provide reliable and professional services to many reputable ship owners, charters, managers and traders. Husbandry: Services that can be performed on request, such as (cargo release against bill of landing, cargo damage reporting, claims handling, draft survey coordination, tally supervision, cargo survey coordination, on/off hire survey coordination, rejected cargo follow-up and cargo Supervision).

28Years of experience
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