Ship Services


Our team of experienced technicians and engineers offers our clients reliable services for their marine assets, including repair, maintenance and emergency services. We are equipped with the right tools and materials necessary to guarantee a successful repair job. Our team’s comprehensive knowledge ensures that repairs are carried out according to industry regulations. All our services conform to international conventions and safety regulations. We also offer an emergency response service that is available on short notice.


Our Cargo hold Services cover the full range of cargo and load requirements. Our experienced staff and drivers have a wide range of specialized equipment and machinery to assist in providing efficient loading, routing, unloading, and monitoring of shipments. We use modern technology such as real-time tracking systems to keep our customers informed about all the movements made by their cargo. We understand that unexpected delays and irregularities are common with international shipping which is why we strive to stay up-to-date on all relevant regulations for each shipment. 

General ship repair

All welding works (Certified)

Pipe repairs and renewals

General rigging works

Repairs of winches

Anchors & chains Replacement

Mechanical repairs

Crane repair

Safety system inspection

underwater inspection & repair

All kinds of maintenance

Pipe repairs and renewals

Waste Disposal

We are following the environmental aspects of disposing of all kinds of waste from ships, including liquid waste such as sludge, bilge, and slops, as well as solid waste like garbage and drums, by recycling or sending them to a treatment station.

Looking for Ship Services?

We have the skills and resources to deliver superior results. Whether it’s something as simple as minor adjustments or in-depth renovations.