Adm. Ossama Rabiee, Chairman and Managing Director of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA), has announced that the SCA salvage unit has dealt with the sudden technical failure in machinery of the bulk carrier MV GLORY in a very professional manner, the incident that took place at the km 38 (Canal marking). The vessel, which is among the North convoy on its way from Turkey to China, is now being towed to km 51 (Canal marking).

H.E. is reassuring the maritime navigation world that traffic through the Canal was uninterrupted as 26 North-bound vessels are already in the waterway, and the South-bound convoy will resume its journey right upon the SCA tugboats-assisted transit of MV GLORY.

Adm. Rabiee has emphasized the fact that the SCA has more than enough capabilities and expertise in the field of maritime salvage operations which enable it to deal with any possible emergencies.

H.E. has also announced that 4 SCA tugboats have been deployed to the incident location immediately; largest of which is the tugboat PORT SAID at a 95-ton bollard pull capacity, to allow for swift handling of the situation. This should allow for the vessel to resume its transit once more assisted by the tugboats till the nearest stop in Al-Ballah area so that the failure can be dealt with.

MV GLORY stands at 225 m in length, 32 m. in width and 41 thousand tons in capacity. Its agent is Inchcape Shipping Services.

Navigation reports state that today there is 51 transiting vessels from both directions; 25 vessels South-bound and 25 vessels North-bound transiting through the New Suez Canal.  


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