The marine ambulance service of the Canal responds to transferring a patient from one of the transiting vessels to receive treatment at the hospital.

Putting into effect the services of Suez Canal’s marine ambulance, the SCA managed to rapidly handle the distress call received from the Master of the container vessel “ATHENIAN” which transited the Canal among the Northbound convoy coming from India. The Navigation Control Center received a distress call reporting the presence of a seriously ill crew member on board (chef) suffering an asthma attack with no medical equipment available to deal with the case and he needed a medical examination urgently.

Once the distress call was received, there was accordance with the quarantine doctor who moved to the case place with the help of the SCA’s boats to examine the case and he recommended that the patient needs advanced medical care which was carried out responding to the patient’s conditions of health advancements. The patient¬†disembarked the vessel and was moved with the help of the SCA’s marine ambulance, in accordance with the quarantine authorities, department of passports, and vessel’s agent, to one of the private hospitals in Suez Governorate.

From his side, the vessel master sent a letter of appreciation to the Suez Canal Authority for the rapid response and cooperation when dealing with the emergency case in a humanitarian and professional way.

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