Adm. Ossama Rabiee, Chairman and Managing Director of the Suez Canal Authority, has denied the groundless misinformation published by anonymous accounts on a number of social media platforms on the SCA’s 99 year-long concession agreement with a company that would provide the SCA’s own services, and deems such allegations completely unacceptable. H.E. has also asserted the absolute Egyptian sovereignty over the Suez Canal; both politically and economically, and in all matters pertaining to the waterway’s administration, operation and maintenance at all times.
Adm. Rabiee has stressed the SCA’s responsibility towards the public by announcing all forms of cooperation the national organization enters into; be it in the form of agreements, contracts, MoUs, etc., as well as the basic points upon which the SCA is contracting with other entities and to what end. H.E. also highlighted the fact that the main aim behind every step the SCA takes is to develop its capabilities and assets as well as to uphold our national interests without compromising our sovereignty in any way. H.E. added that Egyptian sovereignty over the Suez Canal and all its assets is protected by the Egyptian Constitution, under Article 43 which states that “The state commits to protecting, developing and maintaining the Suez Canal as an
international waterway that it owns. It is also committed to the development of the
canal region as a significant economic pillar.”
H.E. has affirmed that the SCA will take all necessary legal measures through the competent organisations against such accounts and pages to prevent the unauthorised use of the name of the SCA in such events which results in creating so much confusion and potentially jeopardising the economic position of the SCA locally and internationally.
Finally, the SCA calls upon the partiotic Egyptian people to pay no attention to such rumours which aim to cast shadows of doubt around an invaluable national entity of this magnitude and economic significance, and to only seek information from our official sources to guarantee accuracy.

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